Design Idea

October 27, 2023

Create a quiet zone for reading in a media center for reading or small group discussions. Use rockers with soft seating for comfort and to keep kids engaged. For more ideas check out Artcobell's ...

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Teacher Wardrobe Cabinet

October 19, 2023

Built just for Teachers, our Tall Wardrobe Cabinets have space for coats, umbrellas and much more than "one personal item." Two models are available: with adjustable shelves or shelves with a file drawer at the bottom.  Offered in two widths: 36" and 48" and a dozen laminate designs. ...

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Artco Bell Aperture Shape Desks

October 12, 2023

Aperture Shape Desks

Lefty or Righty? There's a nasty rumor out there that organic-shaped desks are "one-handed". No one told that to these twins!

Aperture shape desks are accessible from two sides, making them ideal for configurable classrooms. Freedom to choose. Available to a...

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Artcobell School Furniture Cleaning + Disinfection Recommendations

May 21, 2020

Artcobell School Furniture Cleaning + Disinfection Recommendations  Given heightened concern about virus spread and CDC recommendations for cleaning and disinfection in schools, Artcobell offers the following links to recommendations provided by our surface material providers.&nb...

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Beta + Rectangle FLIP TOP

June 21, 2018

Move it, flip it, nest it, and store it! Every active classroom needs to be on the move. The NEW! beta and rectangle flip top desks meet all the needs of a 21st century classroom. The flip top is equipped with casters allowing you to have the flexibility to easily move the desks throug...

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